Projects and Activities

Our Kiwanis club participates in a variety of projects throughout the year that involve fundraising, community service, and assisting children locally and worldwide.  Additionally, we have speakers at our weekly meetings to explore topics of interest to the membership. We engage in a number of social activities to share experiences, talents and our collective interests. All represent great opportunities for service, friendships and personal growth.

Our club is involved in a variety of projects and events that involve fundraising, community service, and assisting children locally and worldwide. Below is a list of our current projects and events...

Kids Appreciation Day /Annual Terrific Kids Award Ceremony
A free event for children the first Saturday in May at Sugg Farm Park to celebrate the end of a splendid school year in a carnival-like atmosphere and give awards to our “Terrific Kids,” KA Day is one of the most anticipated annual family-focused, fun-filled events for Holly Springs’ kids, their families, and our schools.  It enables our families and our business community to join with our schools to celebrate the end of the school year.It is presented by the Town of Holly Springs Parks and Recreation and the Kiwanis Club of Holly Springs—a civic club that is dedicated to the children of Holly Springs.  Kiwanians are part of a worldwide civic organization serving the childern of the world.  Each year attendees enjoy a community festival and the Kiwanians highlight students and a teacher chosen by their schools as "Terrific Kids" and "Terrific Teacher."

Happy Holly Days Parade 
Each second Saturday of December, the Parade kicks off the holiday season and features our town children as the main participants.

The Dictionary Project
At the beginning of each fall school year, the Kiwanis Club of Holly Springs joins its Kiwanis Division in raising and investing funds, and distributing dictionaries to 3rd Graders in area Wake County Elementary Schools –over 900 where distributed in the 2011-2012 school year. The dictionary, a special-issue for youngsters, is a 500 plus-page paperback book featuring commonly used words, in addition to maps of the seven continents, information about the 50 states, biographies of U.S. Presidents, text of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution, and a table of weights and measures.

Kiwanis One-Day Service Project
In early April each year, we join clubs throughout Kiwanis International in performing a local service project. Previous projects included cleanup/updates to Kiwanis Park in downtown Raleigh and assembling/ delivering "Spring Activity Baskets" to children ages 5 to 10 who were in the care of UNC Health Care Children's hospital.